Since Christmas

I’ve been off trail since Christmas. Notice I’m not off THE trail, I’m off trail.

That’s how the real hikers say it. I think.

I need life to suck less. 😊

I just went through all the photos and videos my friend Sleeping Beauty posted from Mt Katahdin to after Knife’s Edge where we first met on the Appalachian Trail.

Wow, has my life taken a hard Right turn since then!!!

And tonight, my stomach is turning! It’s like I’m starting all over again.

I love it out there. Especially in the snow.

I have had a bunch of fun since Christmas, though.

Watching the University of Delaware Women’s Tennis team.

Boning up on Yoda wisdom.

Seeing a Bald Eagle on the Delaware River below the airport on Super Bowl Sunday! You know what happened that night!

Preparing two songs with Jennie, my beautiful oldest daughter, to sing at an open mic or two.

Watching my friend Kelly master Spring Mountain!

Spending four days at Congress Hall with Landi, the love of my life.



Seeing the Delaware Water Gap and a Cape May jetty FROZEN!

< width=”4032″> Cooking a steak outside at Pecks Pond!

There’s Jennie. Isn’t she something!

Remembering that all that stuff is nothing without the people. People are everything. I used to think that life would be better if I was all by myself in a cabin in the middle of no where. Nope, that is such twisted thinking.

Back to the first poster…

It’s the family and friends that mean the world to me and the time I get to spend with them is so precious. Time is beginning to get short for me. Every day is important. I am going to waste not a minute.

Soon, I will be back on the Trail. Finishing my Section Hike of the Appalachian Trail.

I’ve rested and healed. I’ll be trying out my new name out there. Such angst I had over a Trail name! Ugh. Now I have the one I have been running from.

“Just Doug””

4 thoughts on “Since Christmas

  1. “just Doug” I like your writing! Do you help Jenny with the music or the lyrics? I’m glad you got to spend 4 days in Congress Hall. It is a special place. We actually stayed there Jan 14…. could have walked there but it was too cold! Next time you are in CM please give me a call. Hope you are planning on joining us at the reunion… or part of the weekend at least ;). Jeanne

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