Ahhh! Morning Introspection.

Trying to.

I want to be that person.

For sure!

Very hard for me.

Also for sure. I must pay better attention today.

Yes. You will get there. Calm down.


That is s real tough one for me.

Thank you.

Even if it feels like they will.

Words to remember. Be fearless. The bears won’t get me.

Backpackers are the best people to spend time with. Almost always.

No exceptions. Remember that. No exceptions.

I hope I can be that other person for someone today.


Plan. Then follow through!

Thank goodness.

Ok. Got it.

Remember where you’ve come from and look with optimism to where you are going.

There may never be another chance to tell those you love that you love them.

They need to hear it. I need to say it.

Just Doug

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