Another Mohs

That was the last one. I’m in the waiting room now. This one is next to my nose. The first slice did it! I go back in to be stitched up and I’m off.

Next: Car inspection. To see my friend Kraig. He and his wife run a business called “Street Visions”.

Sell used cars and repair anything. My inspection ran out in January! It’s March! Where is my head?

Too much going on.

Inspection done. New front brakes and my car is ready for trips to the Trail! I’m close to being ready, too. I need to pass my inspection as well! I’m shooting for an April hike.


Thank heaven for my new favorite team!

Kelly’s Delaware Blue Hens! They have kept me entertained and distracted. A great distraction. I am pretty much their only non- parent fan!

I didn’t think I would enjoy this team so much. First if all, they are Delaware! I’m Temple. We don’t mix. Ever.

I actually bought a Delaware t-shirt for the games! I have grown to love the team!

Watching Kelly work with these girls has been pretty amazing. Their improvements are visible, even to me! They are a different team now. Much more competitive. Kelly has lit a fire under them.

And she has been a friend to them, like a good assistant coach becomes. A buffer between the players and the head coach.

She has charisma AND she knows how to win.

This morning they are playing Cal State Northridge. I’m not there. Landi is having surgery today. I’m in the waiting room now. She is now in the recovery room, all went well! I’m very grateful to Dr Hanes. He just called me and gave me the good news.

So I will take my patient home soon. I think there will be a frozen yoghurt stop!!!

I have the best wife!!! She actually wants me to be happy.

That is a good thing.

Now, I’m in for number 3 Mohs.

There I am! Hoping I can see to drive home in the snow. I haven’t heard whether they got all the cancer with the first incision. Fingers crossed.

Cancer out! Heading home!

There’s a weeks worth of life events in this post.

It’s now the day after and my eye hurts. I’m icing it to keep the swelling down.

Red. I’m wearing red now. Red was my mother’s favorite color. Her initials were/are REDS. RUTH ESTELLE DERSTINE SHOBERT. REDS.

Everyone loved my mother. She drove me crazy. It took me five years to miss her when she died. My dad I missed even before he was gone. Mom not.

When I used to go and visit them, Dad was happy to see me and fine when I left. Mom, she always wanted me around more. Used to pout when I had to go. It was all an act. I know that now. She was trying to tell me how much she loved me.

One time I was leaving and she got that look on her face. All sad. Don’t leave. I got to my car and realized I had forgotten my keys, went back in the house, and mom was SINGING in the kitchen! All an act.

I understand now. Now I wear red to honor my mom. Now I can see all the important things she brought to my life, like Chief Tamanend.

My mother used to take me down to the Neshaminy Creek in Chalfont to search for Chief Tamanend’s grave. She was very Spiritual, my mom. She collected things. Things in which she found meaning. Rocks. Plants. Native American artifacts.

I do the same. I never realized that it was my mom that taught me that. I am connected to this world because of my mother. I believe in a Force way greater than me, because of my mother.

When I am hiking the Appalachian Trail, I take it all in. Everything I see, hear, and feel becomes part of my Greater experience. That’s my mom. She taught me that.

I wear red now. She would like that.

I found a Chief Tamanend’s grave. At least I know where it was. It is long gone now. I think my mom knows where it is now, too. We’re connected. We’re all connected.

Just Doug

2 thoughts on “Another Mohs

  1. You had a wonderful Mom – my 2nd Mother – never anyone more sweet or gentle! Don’t know if you ever knew or remembered that she and I collected crystals and felt we knew the power of each one which I’ve long since forgotten! I even had books about crystals and their meaning. I just pulled out a necklace that she had given me which she had gotten in one of her “mail order Mom” orders. It is made of tiny green crystals – thought I’d wear it for St. Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately, I could not get the clasp fastened so it’s still on my bureau! She was someone very special to me a really neat & fun lady I loved and still think of often!

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