Springer Mountain in October!

That is where most thru hikers start on their journey NOBO (northbound) on the Appalachian Trail. That is where I will be in October of this year.

I will start in April at the 843.1 mile marker and hike to 0.0, Springer Mountain.

So, 9 months to hike 843.1 miles. Doable for sure.

Right now though, I can’t hike. Sciatic Nerve pain.

When we get to Cape Town, I will start a regimen of stretching and Pilates, in hopes that I will strengthen my core enough to take the pain away.

I have let myself go. Assumed that just the hiking would be enough to keep me fit enough hike. Nope. I slowly got stronger but not in all the right places. Now I’m nagged by pain almost all day, every day. I’m in Heathrow Airport now, in pain.

I have medication that I can take, but I don’t like taking pain medication. I like fixing the problem that causes the pain.

Springer Mountain is what is keeping me going. That carrot out in front of me. I will get fit. I will be hiking by April. I will be at Springer in October.

My Hiker friend Karma is starting her 2nd Thru Hike of the AT on March 19th. If all goes well I will meet her somewhere around Damascus, VA!


Now, I’m here in CT. Tomorrow, I will organize the Pilates.

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