Finally Feeling at Peace

Muizenberg Saturday morning, 7AM.

Funny how a shot into the morning sun looks like evening!

I didn’t get wet yet. Still tuning up my body a bit. I haven’t been stretching and strengthening, so I got hurt. That’s the way it is “at my age.” My favorite phrase.

Lots of cool boards. I LOVE surfboards. I will always LOVE surfboards.

Lots going on here! That Coke trailer is run by the nicest couple. We’ve been friends for years. Their Boorwors is the best! Lekker!

It’s hard to see, but it was BIG out there. Too much for me, maybe. I would have given it a go!

All In

4 thoughts on “Finally Feeling at Peace

  1. Where are you now, Doug? Sounds like Germany or Switzerland but I’d doubt there’s much surfing there – I’ll have to look at a map! I just can’t keep up w/you! Have fun wherever you are. So glad you are finally feeling at peace! Just strut around in your wet suit and pretend you are surfing those big waves so you don’t get hurt again!!! xoxo Norma

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