Dragon’s Tooth! 800.1

That would be Dragon’s Tooth. One of what they call Virginia ‘s Triple Crown. Dragon’s Tooth, MacAfee Knob, and Tinker Cliffs are the three. I’ve done them all now.

I finished up with Jennie, she went home and I headed up to Big Meadows, as I always do on my way home. I intended to spend two nights there doing laundry and relaxing, but my AT total was 798.1 miles.

Now, you tell me, would you be able to live with a total like that? Not me.

I decided, after a bit of Guthook App browsing, to drive down to the Dragon’s Tooth Trailhead and hike up to the AT and over to Dragon’s Tooth. It looked like just enough AT mileage to put me over the top to 800.

Turns out, it was exactly 2 miles! Perfect.

It was a challenging and really fun scramble up. Here are the highlights.

That’s the tooth!!! It’s huge!

All In

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