Hickory Horned Devil

On my last hike up to Dragon’s Tooth in VA, I came across this caterpillar. At first it scared me! I think poisonous whenever I see odd colors in crawly things.

After a bit of research I can say that I’m still a little creeped out by this guy. It’s me.

I’m trying to see it as wondrous, because it truly is.

It has a few names along with its genus and species. Citheronia Regalis.

It is regal I think. I’m trying. Anyway, it is a REALLY COOL BUG.

All In

2 thoughts on “Hickory Horned Devil

  1. YES it looks like ” touch me and your add is grass “. However the butter reminds me of a bowtie I have. Pretied of course. Great pic


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