Easton? Yip!

That’s my car parked in front of our new home! Easton. 4th Street. It’s an old brownstone built around the turn of the last century. It started as a Chinese restaurant, but now contains 4 beautifully constructed flats, of which one is now ours!

I’m having a noodle lunch; feeling very Millennial.

Oh no! Chop sticks. I guess I have to change to an open minded eater. I’m going to Google now. Chopstick tips…

Just as I thought. I know how to hold and use chopsticks, I just can’t make them work for me.

And now…the fortune teller fish. It tells me the I am in love. Oh boy. I guess my palm was hot. I placed the thin plastic fish on my hand and the fish lifted it’s head and tail up.

See. In love. Like I said oh boy.

Maybe it’s Easton I’m in love with?

Whatever. Such a good sentences that is. Whatever. It’s an acceptance, acknowledgment, and move on sentence. So, moving on.

I’m stuffed.

$22.39. Guess I’m not in Kansas anymore. I’m not a $22.39 lunch person. That used for be a steak at a nice restaurant. Now it’s noodles in the Easton Market. They got me. I guess I wanted to be gotten today. My new home. Soon I will find the good cheap local food.

I’ll just walk by this market with a sandwich and a coffee feeling superior because I live in a tourist town and don’t eat the tourist food.

Take that you Lafayette College alumni.

Oh right. Our flat. Here are some photos of the inside.

All brand new and well built. We weren’t even looking to move yet, walked into this one and stopped looking!

It’s perfect.

On a really nice street, just around the corner from shops, restaurants, and the State Theater! Quiet urban living.

Like I said, perfect.

All In.

P.S. 21 minutes from the AT at Wind Gap. 👣🏕👍

4 thoughts on “Easton? Yip!

  1. Congratulations on your new home! Hope you and Y love it! I love the State Theatre, Ann & Kevin have taken me there to see Il Volo twice- front row of balcony seats and we felt like eww were right on stage w/them! Great seats! I’m sure you’ll find shows you like there – “Straight No Chaser” are coming soon. But not sure when – lots of good stuff! Enjoy!!! Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo


  2. Looks real good. Love the red brick wall in the one room. You’ll like the state theatre. Enjoy. Good luck God’s speed in new home. I when change is good. Howie

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