Groundhog Day

Here we go again…

Mohs surgery number nine I think?

I live in the skin cancer lottery. So far so good.

I have been playing in the water all my life. I was a high school P.E. teacher. I wore a hat after the age of about 50. Too late.

When I was a 16 year old surfer, the more burn I got, the cooler I was, and I burned. It’s Grandma Cooley’s fault. Irish skin.

All the above is true, and I still love the warm sun on my skin. I’ve been known to frequent a nude beach from time to time.


I’m like a smoker who won’t quit. A drinker who won’t stop. Actually, I am a drinker who did stop. You’d think I would have more sense.

I do wear sun block now but it sweats off and I don’t replace it. After 10 miles or so in 90 degree plus heat, nothing matters except making it to the next tent site.

So, I play the lottery, hoping I keep losing. It’s possible, and I tell myself this very often, that the damage is already done. There is nothing I can do about it. That is a half truth.

I rarely burn. Really rarely. I hike the Appalachian Trail. It’s a green tunnel. That helps. At least I’m not spending much time on a board in the ocean or a board on a lake or in a kayak.

Truthfully, it’s my obsession to finish the AT that keeps me off the water. I’m always trading addictions. It’s my lot in life.

A pretty good lot.

I will be 69 next week. I really never thought I would make 45.

I’m a winner. I will keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Here. This blog post needs a photo.


A. I.

4 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. Me, too, but not as many mohs surgeries as you. We just do what we have to do. Many of our school mates didn’t get the option to make the doctors’ visits that so many of us complain about. I got a cardiologist, a pulmonologist, a dermatologist, an ophthalmologist, a podiatrist, two orthopedics,an allergist, a chiropractor, and i should see an audiologist…hahaha!!

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  2. Nice photo! 🙂

    One of the worst sunburns I ever got was in March on the AT in Georgia. My ears literally scabbed over before I realized I was sunburned (cause the leaves hadn’t come out yet, d’oh).

    One day at a time!

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