Gollum Park!

When my daughter Jennie suggested we go for a walk before the Buffalo Bills game in Gollub Park, I thought she said Gollum Park!

Yes, Easton has a mountain peak, it’s called “St Anthony’s Nose!”

Here it is in the summer. Pretty breathtaking, wouldn’t you say? It’s maybe, about a 40 minute walk from our apartment in the Easton, PA Historic District. Another cool thing about my new home.

Now, I haven’t done that walk yet. We cheated and drove the 10 minutes to the park and took the 10 minutes walk to the knob. That’s the Delaware River down at the bottom of the cliff.

Be careful if you go up there. It’s a long way straight down.

Oh. The Bills lost. So did my Eagles. At least the walk was good!

All In

4 thoughts on “Gollum Park!

    1. We like the “city” feeling. Plus. Shops. Restaurants. The State Theater around the block. Two rivers converging. A bike path all the way to Philly or Allentown. Fishing. Kayaking. Paddle boarding. Galleries. 😊


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