Mortality in my face.

I am sick of Covid. Covid at breakfast. Covid when I shop. Covid in the news. Covid on NPR. Covid on Sports radio. Covid.

Here’s the real problem. I just turned 70. I feel much younger when my head is screwed on correctly. It’s harder to be upbeat and live the life I love, when mortality is in my face ALL THE TIME!

I don’t want to die. I thought it was because I wanted to finish the Appalachian Trail. Well, it is that, but so much more.

I would miss:

Conversation with Landi. All my AA friends. The view out my back window. Climbing into bed not alone. My girls. My girls big time. All the sports I don’t even do anymore.

Realization. It’s the thought of missing this stuff. That’s the problem. When I’m gone I won’t care. I miss from here. Not from whatever is next. Next is Peace.

Take a breath Doug. Do all you can do NOW. Getting down about what I’m going to miss is senseless. Irrational. Immature.

Senseless. Irrational. Immature. That is what I need to concentrate on. Not being those things.

I must keep my energy up at all costs. Eat right. EAT RIGHT. I do more of the other healthy stuff than I need to. EAT RIGHT.

I eat like I used to drink, sometimes. A donut used to give me a lift. Never does now. It just makes me want another one.

One donut is too many and 100 is not enough!

Today, I will push mortality away by moving in the direction of the things I love. All that stuff up there that I wrote in the beginning. I will enjoy all those things. I will have more of them all.

I will be ALL-IN…there.

Mortality will take care of itself just fine.


4 thoughts on “Mortality in my face.

  1. You’ve accomplished a lot and more to do . Sometimes just nodding your head , saying hello to a passing stranger just might give that person a lift like a donut . Your relationship with the planet exemplifies your relationship with humanity. Without relationships what is life ?

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