Snow 3/21


Yes. We got snow this year. The first batch was overwhelming. You’re looking at Yolande’s brand new Honda. It’s under there somewhere. That was weeks ago! That snowfall is still here!

8 more inches!

Truly, in the last 3 decades we have had so little snow. This is great!

And another new development. Sometimes it seems like this is my medical blog!


My resting pulse has dropped to the mid 40s. It may be a problem. I’ve been denying the fatigue I have been feeling and some dizziness has been happening when I get up from sitting. I’m cold all the time. Bradycardia.

So, I am seeing the cardiologist on Monday. My “studying to be a PA friend” says it could be any number of things. I’m not going to speculate here. I’ll let the doc do the work. This may just be a product of aging. More if that? Really?

It’s not easy to stay this active into my 70s. I’m not stopping.

This morning I’m going to snowboard again for the first time in years! I will snowboard at 70. I met some 78 year old snowboarders!!! Inspiration!!!!

I’ll report in later…


9 thoughts on “Snow 3/21

  1. Keep moving forward. I snowboarded once when my kids were young. They had never skied before and to inspire them to get out there I told them I would snowboard with them instead of skiing since I’d never done it before either. I was sore and they showed me up but the point is our bodies are amazing and allow us to do so many things. Keep working your body. It will continue to respond. I give you kudos for getting on that ski hill!! Have you set some goals for accomplishing your dream for finishing the AT? I’m rooting for you. Best wishes always ~CrazyQuilt

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    1. You are the Best CQ. Yes. My dad in law died from Covid last week. Yolande is going to SA mid April for 2 months. I’m going to the trail. 👣. Wednesday I am getting my second injection. Then it’s full speed ahead! I’ll see you out there!!! Not sure where I will be yet…


      1. So sorry to hear of your father in law’s passing. I do hope our paths will cross. I will see PollyAnna on April 7 for a day. She will hike a mile with us off Springer Mountain to the parking lot. Hike on!!!

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  2. Its amazing how things come full circle. After reading your post, I thought it would be appropriate to share this next piece.

    I got Covid before the lockdowns over a year ago. Life has not been the same.

    5 ER trips, 2 by ambulance and 6 overnight hospital stays just to tell me there is nothing wrong with me. I get it.

    Your post brings me back full circle to a football practice in 10th grade (1984) where you yelled at all of us for putting our hands on our knees, with our heads down, and grimacing after doing 40s. I clearly remember you yelling, one of the few times you ever yelled, “Get your hands off your knees! Keep your head up! Stop feeling sorry for yourselves!” It’s that advice that gets me through the bad days. Advice I’ve been using since that day. In sports, business,and in politics it’s that advice that gives me a competitive advantage.

    I see you are taking your own advice. Keep on snowboarding. I’d love to learn. After all, you are also the one that taught me to ski.

    So when you get your heart checked go in with a smile. You made your impact on me and many others. That should be clear to you based on all the feedback you get through social media ~Carpe diem

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  3. Yes it was some snow we had . I don’t remember shoveling this much snow myself. Legs recovered and looking forward for spring. Glad you haven’t given up on winter sports. Hang in and have fun stay safe .



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