Midnight Lightning

Here’s an AT quip: “It wasn’t supposed to rain!?“

I’m using an exclamation point and a question mark to demonstrate “confused.”

There was no rain in the forecast. Ha ha. I woke up at midnight to thunder and lightning and rain. It’s 4:52 now and the lightning is still in the sky. I don’t think it’s raining, just dripping from the pines.

Oh did I mention the fact that I was camped in the middle of a colony of very tall White Pines? many of them quite DEAD. The dead trees weren’t going to be a problem. There was no storm in the forecast. Ha ha.

Ever have an “Oh well..” moment?

I am where I am and staying put. I was pretty sure I pitched in the best spot possible. There was no choice. I couldn’t go a step farther yesterday.

I used to sit with my dad on our front porch in Chalfont, PA during these kinds of storms. I loved it. I have a reasonable fear of the weather but I still love it. Any wild weather.

Of all the physical things I do in my life, surfing is my jam. My jam. Never wrote or said that in my life. Am I cooler? Back to the point. Any surfer knows the weather. Prevailing winds. Approaching storms. Size if the swell. Seconds between sets. All really ocean themed weather. All we surfers respect nature. The ocean teaches you that. Just stand between your floating board, and the beach once, as a 1 foot wave comes through. You reach down and the board hits you in the shins. Hard. Knocks you over! A one foot wave.

Oh crap. More weather coming through. Is this rain or wind? Can’t tell. Same noise in this spot. Wind. Ok.

Back to the point. I respect weather. Only once in my life have I ever been in the ocean in the last 65 years with my back to the sea. Baptism. I was in a heightened state of Joy. My dear friend Kelly was about to Baptize me, I was facing the shore, for some reason, and the wave whacked both of us! Sprawling and spitting, face down in the shallow sea. She said, “That’s it! Your finished!” Ha. It was really funny.

Oh man. Lots of wind. To be continued…

The next morning:

Break in the storm. Sort of. I packed up the things that I wanted to stay dry. My sleeping back. Electronics. I’m not sure how long this is going to last. In my experience, thunder storms pass. This is a big system. I’m staying in my tent until it’s gone. All day? Yes. Adding the danger of wet hiking is not a good idea. Later.

Still waiting. Just rain??? Nope still lightening in the area. Getting my sleeping bag back out.

I think it’s passed. Thanks for listening!😂

As usual. All storms of any nature (pun intended) pass. Coffee!!!


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